Harwood Bargains Partner: American Forests for Global Releaf®

With every tree used to make their quality products, Hardwood Bargains pledges to replant two in its place.

We have partnered with American Forests, a national conservation organization that protects and restores forests all over the world. When purchasing hardwood flooring for your dream home from Hardwood Bargains, you can rest assured that all precautions are being made to keep our forests replenished and healthy.

You'll be hard pressed finding any other hardwood flooring retailer that is as serious about sustainability as Hardwood Bargains! In addition to offering the latest in eco-friendly wood flooring, Hardwood Bargains commits to going green behind the scenes as well. All products sold by Hardwood Bargains are formaldehyde free. This is a great assurance because formaldehyde is a chemical that can cause cancer, allergic reactions, and breathing problems.

VP of Communications at American Forests, Lea Sloan:

American Forests applauds the commitment to sustainability by Hardwood Bargains. Their business practices set the standard for consciousness and concern about how we impact the environment. Their efforts align with American Forests’ mission to preserve and restore forests across the country, to benefit our air and water quality, wildlife habitat and other vital natural resources.

If you’re interested in Forest Stewardship Council certified products and alternative flooring materials, Hardwood Bargains is also your best bet. By simply purchasing products from Hardwood Bargains, you’re helping reduce the negative environmental impact that we have on our world.

Since 2012, Hardwood Bargains has planted over 20,000 trees through American Forests Global ReLeaf Program.

With your help, the trees Hardwood Bargains has planted can absorb 432,000 pounds of CO2 a year.

Our Partner: American Forests

American Forests has planted 47,095,151 trees since they were founded in 1875. This national conservation organization is the oldest in the United States and has worked in all fifty states along with thirty-five countries around the world! With a passion for protecting our forests, American Forests dreams of a world where forests are thriving and valued for their significant environmental, societal, and economic benefits.

Our country alone has 750 million acres of forested landscape to protect and promote. American Forests consists of many programs that focus on research, restoration, and public education. One program that is specific to the United States is the Endangered Western Fronts project.

With a focus on the Greater Yellowstone Area, this program is diligently seeking a strategy to restore our forests at high-elevation. Hardwood Bargains partners alongside American Forests with their Global ReLeaf initiative. This impactful organization also works with community coalitions to promote public policy and advocacy, offers quality publications on current environmental issues, and targets its efforts in urban environments.

Planting trees can help keep the earth cooler! The 20,000 trees planted since 2012 offer the equivalent of 900,000 room-size air conditioners operating 20 hours a day.

About The Global ReLeaf Program

An integral part of American Forests, The Global ReLeaf Program was founded in 1990 and plants trees all around the world. Thanks to the partnership of Hardwood Bargains, trees that are planted help clean waterways, absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide, offer habitat for wildlife and give humans a beautiful place to relax! Hardwood Bargain has committed to planting two trees for every one that is used for their products with this program.

American Forests partner with U.S. Forest Services, state parks, and other nonprofits and businesses. Most trees are planted on public land but sometimes private land can also receive assistance with the ReLeaf program. Although trees are planted for wildlife, some of which are endangered, humans benefit greatly from the natural beauty and education opportunities our forests offer. The Global ReLeaf program has planted trees in all fifty states and in forty-four countries.

Join Us & Do Your Part

Hardwood Bargains and American Forests make it easy for you to join in and do your part. Simply by purchasing your flooring from Hardwood Bargains you’re investing in the reforestation of our world!

Hardwood Bargains has plenty of tips for going green and if your flooring qualifies you can even use underlayment that’s made using old tires! What was old and useless can be brought back to life in your new home. Lastly, when shopping for your dream flooring, choose Forest Stewardship Council certified products. These wood products are created from sustainably managed forests and lessen your ecological footprint. If everyone does their part, our forests will last for generations!

The 20,000 trees planted by Hardwood Bargains could intercept 6,840,000 gallons of rainwater which can reduce flooding and other rain issues on home properties.